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We offer you a full package of treatment that will make your body feeling divinely pampered and relaxed

Salira in Sundanese means the body,while Wangi means the fragrance.

Indonesia is so rich in nature. Many spices and herbs are scattered all over this country that has great benefits, one of which for beauty. Taken from natural ingredients, Salirawangi Spa made it into skin care beauty.

We offer you a wide range of treatments with the Sundanese and Javanese concept that will pamper your skin and relaxing your mind. This series of treatments will make your skin soft, smooth, and fragrant in a hand of reliable therapists. Salirawangi Spa, for your real beauty.

  • Massage


    A medium-firm massage treatment uses long strokes, skin rolling,kneading and reflexology techniques to stimulate blood circulation and soothe aching muscles.

  • Spa


    A complete package for pampering your skin and relaxing your mind. This treatment consist of : Flower foot Soak, Balinese Massage 1 hour, Herbal Body Steam, Scrub, Mask, Ratus / vSpa Flower Bath and Jamoe Salirawangi

  • Face


    Face massage or ‘totok wajah’ is a term of massage that focus on face’simportant point, releasing the blood circulation to the face to maintain youth.

  • Spa


    • Creambath
    • Hair spa

Jamu Salirawangi

Jamu Salirawangi is a homemade Indonesian traditional herbal medicine. It is predominantly herbal medicine made from natural materials, such as parts of plants such as roots, leaves and bark, and fruit.

Jamu treats particular illness, maintains continuing good health through the promotion of blood circulation and increased metabolism and it also addresses particular malfunction in the body ( such as lack of fertility and unpleasant body odour )


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